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The lunch menu applies mon-fri 10:30 – 15:00
(does not apply during weekends or holidays)
All dishes are served with a side dish of bulgur, rice or
French fries, according to your preference
and include salad, yoghurt sauce and relish
Lunch includes ayran, soda and tea.

Lunch menu 89:-


Adana kebab

Hand-minced lamb meat grilled on skewers, served with vegetables,
yoghurt sauce and relish

Urfa kebab (Spicy!)

Hand-minced lamb grilled with spicy paprika powder (Hot!)

Lamb kebab

Marinated cubes of grilled lamb filét served with grilled vegetables

Chicken kebab

Marinated cubes of grilled chicken filét served with grilled vegetables

Kebab with vegetables

Hand-minced lamb served with chickpeas, green beans,
spinach, zucchini and bell pepper

Salmon filét

Grilled salmon filét served with fresh vegetables and yoghurt sauce

Iskender kebab

Minced lamb and meat in small cubes served with bread,
yoghurt and garlic- and tomato sauce

Vegetarian special

Spinach, beans, chickpeas, grilled vegetables, relish and yoghurt sauce


Deep-fried balls of chickpea, served with yoghurt sauce,
relish and grilled vegetables

Selim’s Salad

Selim’s salad – Served with your choice of grilled chicken
or sheep’s cheese

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