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Oriental Grill Dishes

Wraps with slivers of Adana- or Urfa kebab 79:-

Grilled hand-minced lamb in flatbread, served with vegetables,
yoghurt sauce and relish.

Lamb kebab119:-

Marinated cubes of grilled lamb filét served with grilled vegetables.

Beyti 119:-

Hand-minced lambed rolled into flatbread with garlic- and tomato sauce.
A modern classic from Istanbul!

Kebab with vegetables 125:-

Hand-minced lamb with chickpeas, green beans, spinach,
zucchini and bell pepper.

Iskender kebab 129:-

Hand-minced lamb and small cubes of meat inspired by a classic recipe
from Bursa, served with bread, yoghurt, garlic- and tomato sauce.

Adana kebab 105:-

Grilled sliver of hand-minced lamb meat served with grilled vegetables.
A classic dish from the southern city of Adana!

Chicken kebab 115:-

Marinated cubes of grilled chicken filét served with grilled vegetables.

Beyti with cheese 125:-

Our lovely Beyti fortified with cheese!

Mushroom kebab 129:-

Mushrooms stuffed with hand-minced lamb served with fried vegetables.
Traditionally, Mantar Dolması is a south-western recipe

Lamb chops 149:-

Grilled lamb chops served with grilled vegetables, yoghurt sauce and relish.

Falafel 89:-

Deep-fried round balls made from ground chickpeas served with yoghurt sauce, relish and grilled vegetables.
A typical dish from the southern city of Antakya


Selim’s salad 89:-

a) Grilled chicken
b) Sheep’s cheese

Urfa kebab (Hot!) 105:-

Grilled sliver of hand-minced lamb with spicy paprika powder (Hot!).
Based on a traditional recipe from south-eastern Sanlıurfa.

Alinazik 125:-

Hand-minced lamb patties served with grilled eggplant, garlic and yoghurt.
A specialty from the Gaziantep province!

Mixed Grill platter 159:-

Four different grilled meats served with grilled vegetables.

Vegetarian special 89:-

Spinach, beans, chickpeas, grilled vegetables, relish and yoghurt sauce.

Salmon filét 119:-

Grilled salmon served with fresh vegetables and yoghurt sauce.

For Larger Companies

Grilled meat platter for 2 guests 329:-

2 lamb chops, 1 Adana kebab, 1 Urfa kebab, 1 lamb filét

Grilled meat platter for 4 guests 629:-

4 lamb chops, 2 Adana kebab, 2 Urfa kebab, 2 lamb filét

Grilled meat platter for 6 guests 939:-

6 lamb chops, 3 Adana kebab, 3 Urfa kebab, 3 lamb filét

For the Little Ones

Children’s menu 85:-

The children’s menu is served with cubes of grilled lamb filét, chicken
or adana kebab, according to your request.


Soda 20:-
Ayran 15:-


Baklava 59:-
Ice cream 59:-
Baklava with ice cream 69:-

Extra Meat and Side Dishes

One extra adana sliver 50:-
One extra portion of lamb filét 50:-
One extra portion of chicken filét 50:-
One extra lamb chop 40:-

French Fries 30:-
Soup 25:-
Yoghurt Sauce 5:-
Salad 5:-
Bread 5:-

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